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I am reactivating an old blog under a new title, for a different purpose.  This blog is destined to be short-lived because I intend it for posts from an upcoming trip.  During the first two weeks of May I will be walking portions of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela with a group of fellow pilgrims from the church I attend in Tucson.  I thought this blog would be a useful venue to report on my “pilgrim’s progress.”

The photo in the header is misleading:  since I am not yet in Spain, I’ve posted a photo from a hike taken with friends several years ago in the Santa Catalinas north of Tucson.  But I thought the image of walkers stepping down a path and into a great vista was fitting.

I have some doubts about posting from the Camino.  Blog posts, Facebook posts — they’re all communications from what David Brooks, in his new book The Road to Charactercalls the “Big Me.”  They seem directly counter to one of the purposes of a pilgrimage, which is to unburden ourselves — not only of our sins or worries or fears, but of our very selves.

So I can only proceed by writing about my short pilgrimage in as outwardly focused a way as possible.  Or, if I am inwardly focused (which is also a task of the pilgrim), by performing the delicate and somewhat paradoxical feat of writing “I” with humility — however many times it appears.